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koko体育在线登录_你以为这是单车 其实它是台跑步机

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本文摘要:Who could have imagined that a treadmill on wheels would one day become a thing?!


Who could have imagined that a treadmill on wheels would one day become a thing?!? Lopifit is an unusual means of transportation that allows you to power an electric bicycle by walking on a treadmill.谁能想起有一天在跑步机固定式轮子不会沦为风行?!?电动自行车Lopifit是一款与众不同的交通工具,你可以通过在跑步机行驶来为它电池。Lopifit founder Bruin Bergmeester says it all started when he asked himself the question How can I use a treadmill outdoor?Lopifit的创始人布伦.伯格米斯特回应,这一切都始自他心中的一个疑惑:“我怎么才能在室外用于跑步机呢?”He eventually came up with an functional design, added an electric engine, and the Lopifit was born. Its similar to an electric bicycle in that the motor only engages when the rider puts power in as well.他最后想起了一个不切实际的设计,那就是在自行车上加到一台电动发动机,Lopifit早已问世了。它和电动自行车的相似之处是,只有在骑车人流经动力时发动机才能黏合。

Only while typical e-bikes give pedal assist, the Lopifit senses when you walk on the treadmill and uses the motor to turn a drive chain at the rear of the treadmill, helping you reach a top speed of 17 miles per hour.只不过,一般的电动自行车是辅助脚踏板的,但当你踏上Lopifit的跑步机时它需要有所感应器,并通过发动机造就跑步机后部的传动链,其最低时速平均大约27千米。To use the Lopifit, simply turn on the battery and use your foot to slide the treadmill backwards and activate the motor.驾驶员Lopifit时,你只需关上电源,用脚让跑步机向后滑动来启动发动机。


Then get on and enjoy the ride! If you need speed, just walk on the treadmill, and if you want to coast, all you have to do is stay still and admire the view.然后,你就可以上车狂奔了!如果你想要加快,只需在跑步机上回头一起,而如果你想要渐渐减速,只要睡着别动喜爱风景就可以了。To stop, you have two hand breaks at your disposal.你可以随便用于两个手刹停下。The right lever disengages the motor assist and activates a rear disc brake, while the left one stops the treadmill itself, so you can go from motor assist to coasting.右边的操纵杆可分离出来发动机助动装置,同时启动底部盘式制动器,而左边的操纵杆可以让跑步机自己停下来,这样你就会减速了。

The Lopifit first hit the streets in 2014 and, unsurprisingly, became an instant hit.不出所料,2014年Lopifit首次出有街之后火速蹿红。That was actually quite challenging for the company, because it started getting inquiries and calls for orders, but it was nowhere near ready for mass production.这对Lopifit公司来说是一个相当大的考验,因为他们还近没作好大规模生产的打算,就开始接到咨询和采购市场需求。The unique treadmill bicycle became available this year, and Lopifit is struggling to keep up with demand, despite the hefty price tag of $2,115.Lopifit今年早已预售,虽然这款独有的跑步机式自行车售价高达2115美元,但是依然供不应求。But despite having a very loyal fan-base of so-called Lopifitters, the ingenious means of transportation also has naysayers who simply consider the concept stupid and unnecessary.不过,除了一批被称作Lopifitter的忠实粉外,也有人不寄予厚望这款极具创新的交通工具,他们实在这样的创新可笑而多此一举。

They basically believe that if youre going to walk, you might as well do it the old fashioned way.他们主要指出如果你想步行,还不如就用传统的方式。But the Lopifit does have the unique advantage of helping you “walk” really fast without breaking a sweat, or walking at cycling speed, if you will.可是,Lopifit独有的优点是,如果你不愿的话,它可以让你不东流一滴汗就“回头”得和自行车一样慢。



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